Let Your Sexiness Out With Fitness Workouts

Article by M.M.

Every woman dreams to live in the fab lane; to do catwalks on runways and become the most popular top model. Magazines and televisions are dominated by sexy and slim women and we are all mesmerized. We watch their bodies unfold before our very eyes and have one wish in mind: That is, to be sexy, just like them. So what’s the secret?

Here are a few fitness workout tips for you:

1st Tip: Little is better than nothing. It’s really important that you do even a little training rather than nothing at all. Even with simple workouts, you’ll definitely benefit from it.

2nd Tip: Strength is sexy. Whatever your goals are, make sure you include strength training in your workout regimen. As a woman, there’s no need to worry about muscles bulking up...

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Diet and Fertility – Which Foods You Should Avoid

Article by: Serena Loo

If you want to get pregnant, then the first thing to check is your diet. Adequate and quality nutrition intake is crucial for general health as well as fertility. Diet and fertility has a close association; your hormonal system, and thus fertility, can be affected by the types and quality of food you eat, and how your meals are prepared.

While there are certain diets to help you conceive faster, here we’ll take a look at which foods are generally bad for health and can adversely impact on your fertility level.

Refined starches and simple sugars
Refined starches and simple sugars (e.g. processed breakfast cereals, cakes and biscuits, soft drinks, table sugar, honey, etc) cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate dramatically...

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Women and Alcohol

Article by: Lara Schuster

There was a time when excessive drinking was an activity that was associated with men, but today, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, one in eight women struggle with binge drinking and alcoholism. Additionally, in 2012 there was an increase in alcohol related driving incidents by women, as well as occurrences of women mixing alcohol and other substances.

Reasons Women Drink
There are a number of common factors for the reasons that women give for drinking. The first and foremost is to relieve the stress and pressure of their daily lives. Many women struggle to balance the demands of taking care of their families and household responsibilities and maintaining their professional duties...

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Yoga for Sex: 5 Kundalini Yoga kriyas for a blissful sex life

Article by: Ishika Gill

“I hear Kundalini Yoga is good for sex.”

Time and time again, you overhear someone say this in Kundalini yoga classes. The connection between Kundalini Yoga and sexuality is one of the main points of interest for many beginners to the practice. Some talk about Kundalini rising as a kind of orgasm; others confuse “red” tantra (which is sexual practice) with the practice of White Tantric Yoga (which is not).

Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the body; it creates life. While some other yogic traditions recommend renunciation of sexual energy, Kundalini Yoga embraces it. Techniques in Kundalini Yoga are designed to channel sexual energy up the spine, through pranayama, asana and meditation, to where it can be used for spiritual development.

Let’s cut to the ...

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Bathing suits, Bras, And Body Shapers – Women’s Shapewear For All Your Needs

Not an endorsement:

Article by: Emily Leazer

With the warmer temperatures of summer usually comes more revealing clothes. While the fashion of summer is fun and exciting, it also means baring more skin, which may make some women feel uncomfortable. Today, womens shapewear can be found in a range of different fashion categories, not just undergarments. Problem areas are no longer a reason not to put on the clothes you want to wear. Womens shapewear styles are available for every occasion from the gym to the beach to the town.

The original underwear style of womens shapewear fits easily and discreetly with any outfit. Summer clothing tends to be much less forgiving and these undergarments will help hide love handles and bulges...

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The Most Common Types of Cancer

Article by: Carol Ann

We do not know many things about cancer, even though research is extensive and ongoing. One of the things we do not know is why some types are more frequently occurring than other types. Despite this, it is worth learning more about the most common types of cancer. In this way, you will be able to take more adequate and timely measures for prevention.

Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer. In the Unites States the estimated number of new cases for 2010 is 222,520. The projected number of deaths from this disease is 157,300. This statistical data is quite frightening for one simple reason – the expected deaths are more than half of the newly diagnosed cases.

The surprising fact is that even though it is the most common type, lung cancer is perhaps the most pre...

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Summer Shape Up

Article by: Margot Rutigliano

The summer season brings warm weather and time to tone up for days of wearing bathing suits, sleeveless tops and a lot less clothing in general. We’ve been waiting for this weather all year and now that it’s here, it’s time to get outside and get active. While getting out into the warm sun is a great idea, here are a few simple tips to follow that will ensure a safe, happy summer of workouts and activities.

Become an Early Bird – Get outside and get into the outdoors! It’s a good idea to head out early in the hot weather. Take advantage of the cooler early mornings for intense workouts like running, sports conditioning and boot camp. Mornings will provide that perfect mixture of fresh air and moderate temperatures that are perfect for fitness.

Take Advantage ...

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Bikini Diet

Article by U.S.

No matter how much some people would deny it, we all want to look good. For women, nothing can be more frustrating than not being able to go to the beach and wear a bikini. Though there are different reasons why some women refuse to wear one, the top reason would be their physique or built. Obviously, these women want to have a bikini body before they wear a bikini on the beach. To help you out, one of the proven options is through the bikini diet.

The bikini diet is gaining popularity because it is actually a very safe option. Though it can vary, this diet usually consists of all-natural diet options. Here are some things you can include in your bikini diet plan:

. Avoid juice-based products or fruit juices while you’re on a diet...

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Breast-Feeding Benefits for Mom and Baby

Article by: G.M.

Making the decision to breast-feed is a very personal matter, but you and your baby are unique and the decision is up to you. Here’s information you can use to get started with confidence.

Benefits for baby:
This is one of the most natural and beneficial acts a mother can do for her child, breast milk provides the ideal nutrition for infants. It has a perfect mix of vitamins, protein, and fat, everything your infant needs to grow. Breast milk contains antibodies that help your baby fight off viruses and bacteria. Nursing reduces your baby’s risk of having asthma and allergies. Infants that are nursed tend to gain less unnecessary weight and tend to be leaner. This may result in being less overweight later in life...

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Exercise and Stress

Article by: Nitin Chhoda

It is no secret that people who exercise regularly feel better, more energetic, and less stressed.. There is plenty of evidence to show that exercise provides stress-relieving benefits. Essentially, there are four ways exercise controls stress.

Exercise can help you relax. Although the actual exercise bout might be strenuous and difficult to execute, actual benefits such as stress reduction, body toning etc. actually occur after the session is over. The immediate post-exercise period helps flush out carbon dioxide and waste products from the various systems. Following a session of exercise, clinicians have measured a decrease in electrical activity of tensed muscles. People feel less jittery and hyperactive after an exercise session.

Exercise can help raise your m...

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