Can Meditation Aid Anger Management?

By: Majid Mireskandari

When rage runs way out of hand and this otherwise constructive emotion takes a thoroughly destructive turn, there is one consequence that the affected and the people close to them can expect, and this can be named as complete and often irreversible catastrophe. There have been millions of instances of horrific events like mindless massacres, homicides, rape, sabotage, traumatic divorces, separations, financial and professional losses etc in modern history of human civilization that have been propelled by nothing but uncontrollable rage. Mental and behavioral experts have come up with innumerable reasons that cause such vicious outbursts and lack of calmness has been identified as one.

Experiencing agitation, irritation and anxiousness almost all the time and not fin...

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7 Not-So-Secret Solutions to Achieving Young-Looking Skin

By: Esor Tunacao

The skin makes up a huge chunk of our body, making it very easy to spot signs of aging. Whether it be the presence of wrinkles on the face or dark circles under the eyes, things that tell people you’re old tend to be very visible. However, adopting an anti-aging skin care regimen as early as possible can help stave off the signs of aging. That being said, here are some ways to achieve that:

1. Be gentle with your skin. This simply means not applying too much pressure when using skin care products. In fact, they’ll work just fine even with just a gentle rub. So, the next time you apply a cleanser, moisturizer or face cream, just put a little of the solution on your fingertips then rub them in a circular motion into the skin.

2. Apply sunscreen...

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Smart snacks for your diet

By: John Ratt

The old proverb “you are what you eat” continues to be relevant. The hectic, fast paced life that people lead these days has meant that their dietary habits have changed, wreaking havoc with their health. Obesity is on the rise, as are other types of diseases, all because of the wrong kind of dietary habits and lack of exercise. One of the simplest ways in which you can inculcate healthy dietary habits is by starting off with your snacks. Instead of the regular fried and processed food items, you can go in for healthy snacks for your diet, which will not only help those obese to lose weight, it will also help in improving overall health too.

One of the best alternatives for all that junk food that we have got accustomed to eating nowadays is fruit...

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Vitamins And Hair Nourishment

By: Dr. A. Shah

It is very important to eat right as it will supply the nourishment required by the hair follicles for healthy hair. If an individual is healthy internally her hair will in turn will be healthy. Improper eating habits will affect health of an individual making her hair turn unhealthy too. Six types of nutrients required for the well being of an individual are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and water. Presence of these 6 nutrients in the right amounts will help an individual to acquire healthy hair.

This article deals with the role played by the vitamins for hair health and problems arising due to its deficiency.

Nutrients are categorized into macro nutrient and micro nutrient. Vitamins belong to micro nutrients category.

Let’s get into further details of...

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How To Find A Great Yoga Class

Article By: Mary M. Fiore

Finding a great yoga class is just like finding a great arts school. A perfect arts school that has amazing teachers who have expertize in subjects related to your interest can make you a great artist while an average school or a not-so-good kind of school won’t be able to make you shine. So the question is how to find that great yoga studio? Well, given below are five tips that helped me in finding the perfect yoga studio for myself.

1. Try and find the best. So many different types of yoga, so many different types of studios and teachers. In fact, it seems like an umbrella term to me. So one way of finding the best class for yourself is to test out multiple classes for a few days before you choose the one that seems good to you.


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Want to Start Cycling to Work? Here Are Some Tips

By: Alison Smith

Thinking of ditching the car and choosing to cycle to work? Thinking of ways to save you money? Or maybe you are fed up with sitting in traffic. If you’re worried about polluting the environment and want to go eco-friendly, you might decide to move away from your car and step onto your bike. Just check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise routine.

There are many reasons why people choose to cycle to work.

For a beginner it can be daunting so here are a few tips for new work cyclist that may change your mind.

Equipment needed.

No need to spend lots of money on a fancy bike but you shouldn’t just use any old bike. You need to think about your budget...

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Future Pregnancy By Freezing Eggs At Early Age

By: D.I.

Now preserving fertility and seeking motherhood at later age is possible through Oocyte Cryopreservation.

As career oriented women of modern age spend long span of their lives in building a successful career; complications while conceiving and getting pregnant have become a common problem for her. At the age she plans to start a family (30-35+ years), it gets too late as per her biological conditions. She has to face severe issues in having successful and healthy pregnancy. Women who delay childbearing due to personal reasons, or women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer now have a solution to store their eggs before the treatment of chemotherapy begins.

Especially for these women, Oocyte Cryopreservation (freezing of eggs) provides an opportunity of preserving their fertility ...

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Keeping Your Workouts Safer During The Summer

Note: Also, don’t overdo it and consult a physician before beginning any exercise program or as problems occur.

Article by: D.B.

Summer time and fitness go hand in hand for me, for some reason I find the drive to push myself harder than at any other time of the year. Maybe it’s the gorgeous weather, but more likely it is because I want to look great in the bikinis and sun-dresses that are in my closet.

No matter the reason, I love that I look my fittest during this time, it’s been going on since college. But either way, I am always in the best shape during the summer time, and I experiment a lot more with workouts.

It’s all great of course, except that the temperature can sometimes rise above 100 degrees and because of our crazy humidity, the heat index is often over 110...

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Growing Older With Grace

By: Rakhi Patra

Aging is a natural process of life, but you can delay the process by taking care of yourself. This article can help you understand how the process of aging works and what you can do to prevent the effects of it. You are never too young to take care of yourself.

Meet with your doctor on a regular basis. Many health problems crop up as you age. The sooner you meet with your doctor to diagnose any issues, the sooner you can begin treatment, and the higher your likelihood of a good outcome. Also, your doctor can offer good advice on managing existing conditions and medications to prevent complications.

The key to aging well is to be able to stay flexible...

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Can Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

By: Alvin

Is yoga a helpful activity when it comes to losing weight? This is an extremely commonly asked question by many people who are trying out every activity just to lose weight. The answer is a resounding yes! Yoga is actually an ancient Indian meditation art which not only keeps you flexible and healthy, but also helps you lose weight! Excess fats accumulated all around your body can be burnt off with the help of postures performed in yoga; as some of the poses are specially created for fat loss purposes.

Yoga is an activity which is specifically designed to tone up and strengthen the human body according to the lifestyle and height of the individual. Performing yoga will also not make people look anorexic and become too skinny...

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