Guided Meditation

Article by: Ginger Cole

Guided Meditations are recordings, typically produced by experts for example yoga teachers, existence coaches or hypnotherapists that just guideline you into an easy sate of rest and meditation. All you’ve to do is just listen to the recording inside a quiet location (ideally via headphones) where you will not be disturbed as well as your physique will do the rest for you personally.

A guided meditation might last anywhere from ten minutes to an hour and even a 10 minute recording help you calm you down and become centered. The most effective recordings are usually a combination of a calming voice and gentle soothing music.

Meditation recordings often adhere to a similar format...

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Gain More Energy Naturally

Article by: Christine Mazza

Living in today’s faced-paced world is not the easiest task in the least bit. We all have so many responsibilities ranging from pressures of college, careers, raising families, taking care of loved ones, and maintaining a household. With our endless to-do lists, the last thing we need to worry about is not having the energy to actually do all of these things.

I first want to commend you for wanting to make a change, a shift, to gain more energy naturally. You could be like millions of people that grab for quick fixes such as Red Bulls, coffee, sweets, or dangerous pills to give you a temporary pick-me up. And the key word there is temporary. What those things do is give you a temporary “high”, only to leave you crashing a couple of hours later...

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The Dangers of Caffeine during Pregnancy

Article by: Kaede Cruise

For years, Dr. Mercola has been warning of the dangers of caffeine to pregnant woman and the babies inside their wombs. A new study done on pregnant mice shows that a dose of caffeine from two cups of coffee can affect the growth of the fetus’ heart and may reduce the heart function of the mice during its entire lifespan. Additionally, the male baby mice also gained higher body fats with just a minimal amount of caffeine.

To be clear, it’s not two cups per day but two cups for the entire pregnancy. So what are the implications of this new study to humans? How can an unborn or a newly born baby be affected by caffeine?

An expectant mother can pass caffeine to her unborn baby through the placenta, while newborns can get caffeine through breast milk...

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Battling Cancer – Some Common Physical Effects

Article by: Rheta Mankin

Cancer is a condition which involves the uncontrolled growth of cells in the body. Due to a rapid rate of uncontrolled cell division the cells form a tumor, and if the tumor becomes malignant it continues to grow at the expense of the nearby healthy cells. Cancer cells often undergo metastasis and are carried to different parts of the body through the blood stream. With new developments in medical science, different cancer treatment procedures have been developed; two of these basic processes to fight cancer are Radiation Therapy and Surgery. Surgery can be performed for cancer on particular organs, and may cure the patient if the cancer is still at a preliminary stage...

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Vitamins – the basics

Note: Always consult your doctor.

Article by: Mark Kimathi

Vitamins are micro-nutrients. They were discovered by Eijkman (1897) in Indonesia, Java, while studying a disease called beriberi common among natives whose main diet was rice. He noticed that fowl fed on polished rice, developed beri beri, but not when fed on crudely milled rice.

In 1911 Funk obtained an alcoholic extract of the outer husk of rice which cured beri beri. This was thought to be a vital amine introducing the name vitamine. The “e” was later dropped to read “vitamin”.

Vitamins Functions And Sources

As micro nutrients, vitamins are required in small quantities. Generally your body cannot manufacture or synthesize vitamins from scratch. So you need to get them from the food you eat or from supplement pills...

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Personal Spiritual Retreats – A Great Way to Heal Your Soul

Article by: MW

A spiritual retreat is essential for all individuals to get away from the busy schedules of their life. It can make them come in close contact with nature and rejuvenate their inner soul.

Do you feel the need of greater simplicity and deep connection with the divine? Our hectic life is challenging which sometimes makes us think of going for a vacation. Personal Spiritual Retreats are perfect to offer an individual inner renewal and further to explore the heavenly landscape. It offers you great relaxation and can rejuvenate, develop, reconnect and heal your innate soul. Your stressful life would truly be balanced with the idea of spiritual retreats.

What is spiritual retreat? It is commonly a moment that is entirely spent differently like the ordinary one, away from the dist...

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Major Causes of Eating Disorders

Article by: Pam Kazmierczak

Many of the under-lying reasons people turn to eating disorders are still unknown. However, due to the many thousands of people who are seeking care, more and more information is coming to the surface. One thing to remember, however, is to the person suffering from one of these disorders, the reasons are very real and not to be taken lightly.

One of the most interesting new findings is the discovery that there may be the possibility of biological reasons for the obsessions. Chemical imbalances in the part of the part that can trigger hunger and satisfaction when full can be out of balance, leaving the patient without the automatic responses received by people who eat healthy meals and know when to quit.

These chemical imbalances can also come into play when foo...

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Chemotherapy Hair Loss: The Dark Side Of Cancer Treatment

Article by: Toni Menu

Samantha Jones of that famous HBO series, “Sex and the City” was the first fictional character in our opinion who really gave a very light side to chemotherapy hair loss. She was undergoing treatment for breast cancer and due to chemotherapy, hair loss came after wards and she was forced to wear a wig. Because she got tired of wearing a very hot wig which is definitely not helping her with her after chemotherapy hot flashes, she took it off during her acceptance speech and inspired everyone in the crowd of chemotherapy patients to take off their wigs also.

Samantha Jones is a fictional character and we wish more women were like her who would really dare to throw away that wig. Women who have breast cancer are women who suffer from chemotherapy hair loss...

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Hiring a Quality Fitness Trainer

Article by: Sophla Hentzi
For those attracted to obtaining quality fitness results, a fitness coach is the only appropriate method to go.

For those wanting to waste their time with ineffective tactics, a fitness coach isn’t the solution for you.

But, if you are one of the many folks seeking to enhance their level of fitness without wasting useful time and resources, a fitness coach is the appropriate choice.

The Benefits Of A Fitness Coach
The advantages of a fitness coach span longer than the rap sheet of a vocation criminal. Much of the benefits of using a fitness coach include:

1. You get exclusive fitness knowledge from the person who is an authority on the topic.

2. You get access to invaluable assistance that will allow you reach your fitness ambitions.


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Tips for Newly Pregnant Mothers

Article by: Kuffy Fan

Pregnancy is wonderful and for expectant mothers who are expecting their first child, it is always important to understand what you need to do in order to stay healthy and strong for the nine months. Different women have different types of pregnancies. Although there are a significant number of expectant moms who have stable pregnancies, there are a lot of cases where some women have also reported delicate and fragile pregnancies. Depending on the type of pregnancy you have, it is always wise to take care of yourself especially during the first three months and the last three months. The following are some important tips for newly pregnant mothers.

Eat a well balanced diet – staying healthy during pregnancy is not only important for the mother but also for the baby...

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