Is Breast Reduction Right for You?

Article by: Leena Marcos

If you encounter difficulty going about your daily activities or participating in your favorite sport due to your heavy set breast, then you may want to consider having a breast reduction procedure.

The breast reduction procedure was developed especially for women who suffer in several aspects of their lives due to the excessive amount of breast tissue they have to carry daily. It is normal for heavy busted women to also experience back and neck pains. Clothing is also another problem they encounter since their upper body goes beyond standard measures. This article is not written by or checked for accuracy by a medical doctor. Please consult with your physician for treatment options.

A breast reduction procedure will require a minimum of two sessions...

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Women And HIV

Article by: Louie Dale
HIV is a condition that affects people across the entire world. However, it seems that women are more heavily affected than men. A study done in 2005 showed that there are 17.5 million women across the world that are infected with HIV. In the United States between the years 2000 and 2004 the incidence amongst women increased by ten percent while men only showed an increase of seven percent. Thus it would appear that a closer look at how HIV affects women in particular is required.

The first thing to note is that women are more vulnerable to contracting HIV through a heterosexual relationship than men due to the exposure to seminal fluid which carries the virus...

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Women’s Wisdom: Tips From Top Women CEOS – How to Balance Work and Family

Article by: Fiona Fine

Balance is something that we, as women, are constantly struggling to achieve, and the truth is that few of us ever do. Yet we continue strive for the perfect balance. (Personally I believe my word is HARMONY as striving for balance is too time-consuming for me).

In today’s world, where the majority of women are now working outside of the home, and climbing higher in the corporate world than ever before, it is important for women to share how they manage to strive for it all.

Here are some tips from some top women execs in North America (1):

Don’t give up that precious time you have with your young child. Go to the swimming lessons and music groups because you will never get that time back...

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What Every Smart Woman Should Ask Her Gynecologist Before Surgery

Article by: Chris Robertson

Being a good healthcare consumer means asking the right questions, especially before you agree to undergo surgical treatment. Knowing what to ask is empowering, especially in stressful circumstances. Yet sometimes it is hard to know what to ask, which is why websites, like this one, which suggest simple questions to ask your gynecologist before surgery, are so helpful.

Certain questions apply to all conditions, whether you are considering a hysterectomy, infertility treatment, tubal ligation, removal of ovarian cysts or fibroids, D&C, or other gynecological procedure. Other questions, however, are specific to the procedure or condition.

Question Checklist for Gynecological Treatment

Quality online sites provide checklists with the important questions to ask ...

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How to Get Beautiful, Long and Strong Nails

Article by: Mia Green

Those with long, narrow, round shaped nails, come across as gentle, with a strong sense of beauty and style.  Unfortunately, healthy and beautiful nails are not always easy to get. Nails tend to break easily, and many suffer from splitting and fraying nails. Taking good care of your nails involves getting proper nourishment, avoiding excessive contact with damaging material and taking due care while working with your hands.

If you are dreaming about getting long and healthy nails that look so good, you can have them in two weeks by using a few simple tricks.

Common Nail Problems

One of the most common fingernail problems is split nails, brittle nails or cracked nails. You can strengthen your nails with a very simple method...

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Essentials of a Healthy Relationship

Article by: M.C.

Are you searching for healthy relationship? If yes, then it is up to you to find happiness in your relationship; you are the only one who is responsible. When understanding doesn’t meet both of partners in relationships then its going to fail. You are the only person who can control your relationship, rather then other person. So you have to need a special guide on relationship.

Here are very useful tips on how to maintain a healthy relationship.

Forget that anyone can be responsible for your happiness : Relationships fail because one of the partners is unhappy and blames on the other one. First of all ask yourself, are you happy? Do you have right partner who can understand you? Happiness creates trust and a feeling of security in your relationship.

Clear agreements : Ma...

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When Should You Worry About Memory Loss?

Article by: Lisa LaCount

Many of us occasionally forget where we put our glasses or the car keys. Memory lapses typically become more common as we age. You may experience frustration and a loss self-confidence and independence when such memory lapses start disrupting your daily life.

Age-Associated Memory Impairment attacks short-term memory loss rather than long-term memory loss. Losing long-term memory can be even scarier, as it may lead to fear of having Alzheimer’s and dementia.

So, how do you know what is normal memory loss and what is something more severe?

Why Do We Lose Our Memory?

The brain’s ability to recall events and recognize things is referred to as memory. Memory is stored in the pathways of brain through neurons. Memory loss occurs when there is damage to the neurons.


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Spirituality And Practice In Today’s World

(not an endorsement)

Article by: Jeremy Winters

Spiritually is the aspect that pulls us above the ordinary things of the world and focuses our gaze on the most essential, long lasting things of God. Being aware of genuine spirituality and practice will mean understanding the cohesion between mind and spirit and joining together the truth of a spiritual life with a seemingly meaningless worldly existence. There are plenty of spiritual practices just as there are lots of faith traditions. What are the issues that make you recognize that a spiritual practice is genuine?

Each spirituality is evaluated by its potential to lift the mind to God or a higher power and also to edify human relations...

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Does Green Tea Have caffiene In It?

Article by: Emily Rae

Many people ask the question, does green tea have caffeine? Well yes it does. Not as much as in a cup of coffee mind you, but nevertheless it does contain caffeine. For those of you that recognize and want the benefits of green tea but you do not want the caffeine, or you do not like the taste, please read on.

So, what is the problem with caffeine? For most people the answer is nothing and we enjoy the energy boost it gives us. Others can experience the problems of a fast heartbeat, insomnia, restless legs, headaches, raised blood pressure and nausea.These problems are enough to want to stay away from them.

Green tea has been used by the Chinese for centuries for a huge variety of ailments...

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Lemon for Beautiful Hair and Skin

Article by: U.L.

We are talking about the tiny lemon. For ages this lemon has been used as one of the foremost and most useful beauty product we can imagine. With its rich content of nutrients it helps you with your skin as well as your hair. Lemon by itself or with any other ingredient makes a very good amalgamation for skin or hair care.

It is so common that anyone or everyone can use it. One cannot say that only the rich and famous were able to make good use of it. It has good amount of Vitamin C which makes things easier if you want to have lovely and ravishing skin. It is very good cleanser as the nutrients does wonder internally as well as externally. Due to the good work done for our digestive system it helps in giving a very clean and clear skin...

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