Do You Know Why Snacking Can Actually Increase Your Metabolism and at the Same Time Decrease Your Weight?

Article by: Joseph Ng

“I always leave a box of unsalted almonds in my house. A handful of those are a good snack that should keep you satisfied.”
Jenna Ushkowitz
(An American stage and television actress, singer and writer, best known for her performances in Broadway musicals and for her role as Tina Cohen-Chang on Glee)

ARE YOU SHELL SHOCKED AND CONFUSED with the title of this article? Don’t be! Because what you are about to read is a real eye opener. It’s so revealing that you could not imagine in your wildest dream that this could be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Just don’t believe it. Continue reading and you would more than agree with me. Ok?

TRUST ME, SMARTY SNACKING is not meant to be an extra meal...

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Relaxation Techniques for Stress Relief

Article by: Davis Walker

Unfortunately, stress has become an increasingly common characteristic of contemporary life. Stress is harmful when it becomes overwhelming and interrupts the healthy state of equilibrium that your nervous system needs. A variety of relaxation techniques can help you bring your nervous system back into balance by producing a relaxation response. When you are choosing a relaxation technique, you must consider your preferences, specific needs, fitness level and the way you tend to react to stress. A right relaxation technique for stress relief resonates with you and fits your lifestyle.

In many cases, you may find that combining different techniques will provide you with the best results and keep you motivated.

1) Breathing: All relaxation techniques are mainly abou...

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Benefits of Alkaline Water

Article by: Michael C.

We get old because we are not disposing of all the internally generated wastes and toxins, and accumulate the leftovers within our body.

Every living cell within our body creates waste products. The nutrients from our food are delivered to each cell and they burn with oxygen to provide energy for us to live. The burned nutrients are the waste products. The main ingredients of all foods, expensive or inexpensive, gourmet or junk, vegetable or meat, alkaline or acid, are either carbohydrates, proteins or fats. And they are nothing but the combinations of four elements: carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen.

These acidic wastes and toxins are disposed out of the body in liquid form, as urine or perspiration, that is why urine is acidic and skin’s surface is also acidic...

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Blonde, Brunette or Red Haired? The Choice is Yours

Article by: Maria Karla

Wish you were a blonde? Or do you aspire to be a redhead?

Are you afraid that your brilliant hair coloring ideas will remain only distant dreams? No way. There are ways close at hand to fulfill your dreams.

The Various Hair Coloring Products
Hair coloring products are usually of four categories -
a.) Temporary b.) Semi-permanent c.) Deposit only/demi-permanent d.) Permanent.
All products but temporary color require a patch test before application. The idea is to determine whether the client is allergic to the product.
a.) Temporary Hair Coloring Product – In this product the pigment molecules are large. So it does not penetrate the cuticle layer. And that allows only a coating action that may be removed by shampooing.
Acid dyes are used to coat on the hair surface...

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What you need to know about not wearing a bra

Article by: Laurel Whitney

Whether or not you wear a bra when you go out in public is up to you, only your opinion on whether or not this is something you consider appropriate matters.

However, on certain occasions you might find yourself having to go out in public without a bra. The most common type of occurrence for this is at a formal gathering because the style of dress that you have chosen requires you not to wear a bra.

If you are getting ready to go out in public without a bra on there are a few things that you need to know about going braless so you don’t embarrass yourself. By taking the time to learn about these minor solutions to some major problems you can avoid any embarrassing moments when not wearing bra, but you can also maintain your privacy.

One of the first things that ...

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Tanning for Darker Skin

Article by: Erik Smoot

Etymologically tanning is the art or process of making leather from rawhides or darkening of the skin by exposure to sun and weather. Though Tanning is a natural process through ultra-violet light that we easily get from sunlight but these days Sun is not the only resource used to get the UV light. Though, the UV light is an essential thing for our body but the abuse or overdose of the same can cause or hazardous to our skin and body. Tanning not only helps us get a different shade but is an effective way to relax and shed off extra salt and sweat from out body.

Following are some of the important Tanning facts to remember irrespective of the natural sun tanning or indoor tanning [] with artificial ultraviolet rays...

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High Blood Pressure: Three Things I Have Learned About Hypertension

Article by: R. Reddin

When I was diagnosed with hypertension, my doctor immediately prescribed a synthetic angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor and put me on a regime of regular monitoring to reduce my risk of heart disease or of having a cardio-vascular accident. Laudable as those aims are, it struck me as odd that my condition was being managed, not treated. I decided to find out more.

Amongst the wealth of information I discovered about hypertension, I learned three things each one of which has been subsequently confirmed as true by my doctor. This is what I learned:

# 1. Why there is no cure:

I was being treated as if I was ill, but high blood pressure is not a disease or an illness. Because of this, there is no cure...

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Benefits Of Being Fit

Article by: Leroy Blankenship

There are physical and psychological benefits to being fit, no matter what age you are. By definition, people who are fit must be enjoying a relatively healthy lifestyle, and this in itself brings many benefits. A healthy lifestyle increases life expectancy and greatly reduces vulnerability to diseases and other ailments. Three of the benefits of being fit are:

1. Improved social life
Taking part in team sports is one of the best ways of enjoying an active social life. There are numerous team sports available to people of any age, but many of them are difficult to partake in for somebody who is not fit. Younger people can take part in high-energy sports like basketball and football...

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Fitness Retreats – Making Right Choices For All The Right Reasons

Article by: Debran Stefan

Fitness retreats are becoming more and more popular than ever and not just for the privileged few. The word “retreat” describes the purpose. To retreat from your usual surroundings, responsibilities, and concerns to get away from the distractions that keep you on that proverbial treadmill in life. Before you get away from it all, make sure you know where and why you are going.

Fitness retreats are becoming more and more popular than ever and not just for the privileged few. The word “retreat” describes the purpose. To retreat from your usual surroundings, responsibilities, and concerns to get away from the distractions that keep you on that proverbial treadmill in life.

When you get away from it all, you are able to put your life and health priorities in proper p...

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Are You Really What You Eat? How To Get Diet Fitness

Article by: Darren Moroney

The word “Diet” would only come second to “Exercise” as one of the most hated words by many people. We are not going to talk dieting to lose weight. We are going to discuss how to get “Diet Fitness”.

You need to focus on training your body to eat healthily. This will be accomplished through a new way of eating that has a permanent goal not a temporary one that you move on from.

Before you start to panic and assume that we are going to put you on some restrictive approach that will make you unhappy. A diet should not be taxing, troublesome, limiting or boring. It should be full of possibilities, and be open and free as well as adventurous, with all the comfort that you need, too.

Where Am I Now?

Before you begin any journey you need a starting point and to know w...

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