What Is Personal Growth? What Do You Need To Do To Grow?

Article by: Alexander Lynch

You might have heard about personal growth and how it changes people’s life. And you might have considered it for yourself. People make it sound like some sort of grooming course or science subject that can be taught. This is only half true: you can learn about it but applying and properly using it is up to you. Just to help you in understanding the concept of personal growth better, here is basic information about personal growth and how you can benefit from it.

What is personal growth?
From the time that we are born, we are growing both physically and mentally. While it might seem to be a complicated process, we have been doing it from the time we were born. The precise definition varies as each psychologist and analyst interprets it in their own unique way...

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Identifying High Cholesterol Foods

Article by: Karan Naidoo

Many high cholesterol foods are actually quite easy to recognize. Among these high cholesterol foods are those that are greasy and fatty. Many parts of meat especially those from pork and beef are high in cholesterol. High cholesterol food may also be difficult to recognize especially if one is under the impression that these foods are not among those high in cholesterol.

Two Factors That Elevate Cholesterol
There are two main nutrients in certain foods that make them high cholesterol food. These are saturated fat and cholesterol. Both these nutrients are commonly present in foods from animals and their byproducts. You can expect cholesterol causing food to come from most foods that are made from animals.

Actually, foods high in saturated fats and triglycerides ar...

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How Food Allergies can be Dangerous

Article by: Kelli Batrun

Why Food Allergies Can Be Tremendously Dangerous

Allergic reactions to different food items are getting to be more and more frequent. Nus, wheat, soy milk, milk, nuts and eggs are some of the foods which cause reactions. Some of the allergic reactions to these foods are violent, and reactions to nut products in particular have ended in the death of the patient. You’ll find fairly few methods available to treat these allergies, beyond the obvious advice to steer clear of the food which causes the problem to appear. Research continues on.

While it is possible to have a food allergy to nearly any almost kind of food taken into the body, including fruit, you’ll find some food products that are more frequently contributors to allergic reactions...

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The Benefits of Meditation – Five Immediate Benefits Even Beginners Can Experience

Article by: David Wilcox

We often hear about the benefits of meditation, and there are many. However, the benefits of meditation are often quite subtle, and do not show themselves immediately. Also, meditation practice take a bit of getting used to, since most people are just not used to sitting silently and doing what seems like nothing. For the person who is new to meditation, these factors may cause them to give up on meditation. However, this would be a mistake. In this article, I would like to encourage people to continue or to take up meditation by pointing out five benefits that immediately happen when you begin meditating.

First Benefit: Training your mind to be still.
As you begin meditating for the first time, you will notice that your mind is full of chatter...

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Exercises For Women – 4 Ultimate Exercises For Faster Weight Loss

Note: See your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.
Article by: Amanda Jones

If you are looking for some of the very best exercises for women then you have come to the right place. Now you’ll discover some exercises for women that have helped me to lose over 50lbs in 3 and a half months, anyone who wants to lose weight knows that they have to exercise in order to get great results and by using more effective exercises you only accelerate your progress.

1.) Interval Training.
Interval training could be the answer to your fat burning prayers, it really is one of the very best exercises for women on a mission to lose weight...

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Anti Aging Skin Care Guide: 3 Little Known Tips for Beautiful Skin

Article by: Carol Truesdale

Everyone wants to know how to stay young-looking, well here’s how I do it. I find that living a healthy lifestyle does wonders for my skin. Yes, you can use an anti aging skin care treatment like creams, collagen injections, or botox. But you can also achieve vibrant skin without them.

When you have many unhealthy habits (ex: smoking, poor diet), the effects will show up in your skin. Have you ever seen someone who looks 10 years older than they are? I just had a high school reunion this past summer and it was shocking how old some of my classmates looked.

While your driver’s license tells people your age, your skin tells people how you live. Follow this basic anti aging skin care guide and your skin will tell people that you live very well.

TIP #1 – Too Much S...

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Women Dealing With Their Man’s Impotence

Article by: Elanor Patterson

Women internalize things more than men sometimes and tend to place the blame on themselves, thinking that it is their fault that their partner does not find them attractive enough to feel sexually aroused. The best way for women to deal with this problem is to help him find a solution. With support, men would find more confidence to deal with the issue. Women need to condition their mind and be stronger and remember that overcoming this problem will take time and they need patience in dealing with their partners’ sensitivities. There are certain differences as to how men and women handle issues. Once these differences are clear, both of you can move ahead:

1. Men and women think differently and hence discuss differently too
Psychologists believe that nothing m...

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Four Things Women Look For in A Potential Husband

(not an endorsement)

Article by: Emma Wanjiku

Statistics may show that there is a global trend in which more people are getting divorced but, the number of people who are getting married has continued to grow steadily. There is an innate desire for young people to find mates and bring up children. When you are a young or even an older man wishing to get married, it is vital for you to have some information that might help you make your work easier. You need to enter into the mind of a woman and see from their point of view.

Many men have not managed to earn the love of the woman they want, and the following tips might just hold the key to what you are missing. Therefore guys, it is time to listen and learn.

The first thing women look for in a potential husband is MATURITY...

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Pregnancy Care for Patients with Hypertension

Article by: S.F.

The most common chronic medical issue in reproductive-age women, essential hypertension contributes significantly to maternal and perinatal morbidity and mortality, primarily via increased risk of preeclampsia.

How are hypertensive disorders of pregnancy classified?

Hypertensive disorders during pregnancy are classified into four categories:
1) Chronic hypertension is defined as blood pressure 140/90 mmHg or greater on two occasions before pregnancy, prior to 20 weeks of gestation, or persisting 12 weeks postpartum. Severe hypertension is defined as diastolic blood pressure110 mm Hg. Hypertensive women tend to have a greater decline in blood pressure during early pregnancy than normotensive women.

Secondary hypertension is an important consideration in women of reproducti...

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Menopause Sweats And Hot Flashes – Important Things To Know

(not an endorsement)

Article by: Harlan Mittag

Menopause sweats and hot flashes are one of the first signs that you are approaching menopause.

You know you are beginning to approach menopause when you begin to experience several key symptoms. These symptoms are your best evidence that you are beginning the transition out of your reproductive years and that you have entered perimenopause. These symptoms mean that you are now approaching menopause, the cessation of your menstrual periods.

Transitioning into menopause is a unique experience for each woman. However similarities among women’s experiences allow the symptoms of this transition to be categorized into 11 broad categories. These categories are used by researchers to study menopausal symptoms...

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