What you need to know about not wearing a bra

Article by: Laurel Whitney

Whether or not you wear a bra when you go out in public is up to you, only your opinion on whether or not this is something you consider appropriate matters.

However, on certain occasions you might find yourself having to go out in public without a bra. The most common type of occurrence for this is at a formal gathering because the style of dress that you have chosen requires you not to wear a bra.

If you are getting ready to go out in public without a bra on there are a few things that you need to know about going braless so you don’t embarrass yourself. By taking the time to learn about these minor solutions to some major problems you can avoid any embarrassing moments when not wearing bra, but you can also maintain your privacy.

One of the first things that ...

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Blonde, Brunette or Red Haired? The Choice is Yours

Article by: Maria Karla

Wish you were a blonde? Or do you aspire to be a redhead?

Are you afraid that your brilliant hair coloring ideas will remain only distant dreams? No way. There are ways close at hand to fulfill your dreams.

The Various Hair Coloring Products
Hair coloring products are usually of four categories –
a.) Temporary b.) Semi-permanent c.) Deposit only/demi-permanent d.) Permanent.
All products but temporary color require a patch test before application. The idea is to determine whether the client is allergic to the product.
a.) Temporary Hair Coloring Product – In this product the pigment molecules are large. So it does not penetrate the cuticle layer. And that allows only a coating action that may be removed by shampooing.
Acid dyes are used to coat on the hair surface...

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Benefits of Alkaline Water

Article by: Michael C.

We get old because we are not disposing of all the internally generated wastes and toxins, and accumulate the leftovers within our body.

Every living cell within our body creates waste products. The nutrients from our food are delivered to each cell and they burn with oxygen to provide energy for us to live. The burned nutrients are the waste products. The main ingredients of all foods, expensive or inexpensive, gourmet or junk, vegetable or meat, alkaline or acid, are either carbohydrates, proteins or fats. And they are nothing but the combinations of four elements: carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen.

These acidic wastes and toxins are disposed out of the body in liquid form, as urine or perspiration, that is why urine is acidic and skin’s surface is also acidic...

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The Most Common Types of Cancer

Article by: Carol Ann

We do not know many things about cancer, even though research is extensive and ongoing. One of the things we do not know is why some types are more frequently occurring than other types. Despite this, it is worth learning more about the most common types of cancer. In this way, you will be able to take more adequate and timely measures for prevention.

Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer. In the Unites States the estimated number of new cases for 2010 is 222,520. The projected number of deaths from this disease is 157,300. This statistical data is quite frightening for one simple reason – the expected deaths are more than half of the newly diagnosed cases.

The surprising fact is that even though it is the most common type, lung cancer is perhaps the most pre...

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The Health Benefits Of Good Sex

Article by: C.H.

Sex is – well, let’s skip that part. I think we all have a basic understanding of what sex is. There is no need to go further down that path. Instead, let us look at some of the healthy benefits of sex and what may be keeping you from having good sex that can lead to good health.

Sex Helps Your Health

Not only does good health lead to good sex, but good sex may lead to good health. This is because sex is very therapeutic to humans in this way – sex helps relieve stress. Your body is not made to handle continual stress. In fact, stress kills cells that help fight sickness and stress greatly reduces endorphin, your body’s natural pain-killer. So the more stress you have, the greater chance you have of becoming sick and feeling aches and pains...

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Chronic Fatigue and Women

Article by: James Pendergraft

Because a woman’s body can be subjected to various forms of stress such as those encountered during pregnancy, a lot of ailments affect women’s health. In addition, physiological and bodily changes are also brought about by menstruation and menopause, both of which may result in bodily and psychological changes in a woman. However, one common ailment that women face is the chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS.

The Nature of Chronic Fatigue
CFS is a case that has many labels and attached interpretations to it, but most of the women affected by it do not really know the real cause and means of treatment for the disorder. Fatigue is a situation that affects all women, but CFS is far different. It involves all known forms of fatigue and stress...

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Is Sugar a Drug?

Article by: Allyson Meyler

Although there are varying perspectives on a “healthy” lifestyle as being, I’d say that most everyone can agree that drug use does not fall into this category. Drugs, and the addictions that often accompany them, can blow in like an unexpected storm, wreaking havoc on the bodies of those who abuse them and the lives of anyone in the destruction’s path. While the initial participation in these substances is often a choice, we’ve come to understand that the mechanism keeping a user coming back for more is based on biology.

The chemicals in drugs activate the reward center of our brains, releasing a powerful surge of dopamine and producing a euphoric “high” that drug users will repeatedly seek out...

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When a Loved One Needs Cancer Services: Preparing to Be a Caregiver

Article by: Tyler Lecompte
A cancer diagnosis is a life-altering thing, and not just for the patient seeking cancer services. Family and friends often find themselves suddenly playing the role of caregiver, not an easy one to perform.

Patients getting cancer services are likely to need help with the following things:
– Shopping and preparing food
– Taking medication
– Personal care and hygiene (bathing, grooming, dressing, using the bathroom)
– Housecleaning and laundry
– Bill paying
– Finding the right doctors and treatment facilities
– Coordinating scheduling for treatments with multiple providers
– Finding a support group
– Managing symptoms and treatment side effects at home
– Advocating for the patient with cancer services providers

The tendency is for caregivers to suffer in silence...

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Getting To Know Hatha Yoga

Article by: Paul Wells
Yoga has it beginnings in ancient India but this discipline has invaded the whole world due to the benefits it offers to people who take up yoga. A survey shows that there are more than sixteen million people who practice yoga in the United States alone.

There are various types of yoga and each type has its own methods and purposes. One type of yoga is the Hatha Yoga which literally means sun and moon, coming from two Sanskrit words Ha which means sun and Tha which means moon.

Hatha Yoga, which was first introduced in the 15th century by Yogi Swatmarama, was meant to help yoga practitioners start off with purifying their bodies before proceeding to a higher level of meditation...

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Foods for Losing Weight

Article by: Sanjeev Sagar

Having a lot of body fat is very disgusting and sometimes we don’t know the culprit. It may be spicy foods, oily fast foods, insufficient vitamins and minerals or it can be lack of nutrition in our body.

These may be the culprits of weight gain and we always think how to lose weight so that you can look younger and attractive in your surroundings. It’s always easy to gain weight but it takes efforts to lose weight.

I can understand how it feels when someone avoids you just because of your weight.

After researching online I come up with some of the best ways to lose weight with tasty nutritious foods. If you follow three or four things from below, you may be shocked by the results.

Here are some nutritious foods to consider:

Avocados: Avocados are in the top of nu...

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