Bikram Yoga For Getting In Shape

Editor – See your doctor before beginning

Article by: Jill Cohen

Bikram yoga is a dynamic, vigorous form of yoga which is help in a room that is heated. It is is often referred to as hot yoga since the class is performed in a temperature controlled room which is heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The class itself runs for one and a half hours and cover twenty six poses. Each yoga pose is adaptable for beginners and those with more experience can do the full postures. Along with the specific yoga poses there are two significant breathing techniques: the 80-20 breath and the exhalation breath. Both are done during different periods of class and will allow separate results in the body.

In order to teach Bikram Yoga you must become certified similar to other schools of yoga such as kundalini, ...

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Your Crowing Glory: Beautiful And Healthy Hair Tips

Article by: Dianna Wigley

Everyone desires luxurious hair; however, only a few seem able to obtain it. The information that follows can help you regain the luxurious locks you desire, and keep them in place. Few people want unremarkable hair, and therefore it is wise to educate yourself about how to get the hair you have always desired.

Choose a shampoo and conditioner that suit your hair type. Choosing a shampoo that is especially suited for your type of hair will make all the difference in how healthy it is and how manageable it will be on a daily basis. For example, if your hair is very dry, brittle and thick, the hair you use should contain a lot of moisturizer.

If you have a problem with tangled hair, try using a comb with wide teeth while it is still wet...

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6 Parenting Styles

Article by: Jonnie Blaylock There are many different parenting styles but they all may pretty much boil down to subcategories of 6 styles. First, I am not saying that any 1 style is better than the other. I feel that the best approach is a combination of different styles. The purpose of this article is to discuss the traits of the common styles:

1. Permissive Parenting – Many parents have different parenting styles, this is a style that can be very damaging to children when taken toan extreme. Parents who use this style often overindulge their children and set few rules. Children, who usually get what they want, often never really end up satisfied with what they have. Don’t avoid confrontation with your child...

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Lower Ab Exercises for Women

Article by: Jenny Mittnick

Many women are looking for lower stomach exercise specifically for females. They like to appear healthier and being a lot more active. Often there is a second target driving it as well. Females who are looking for a new partner and reach the online dating arena wish to look good. After all, the aesthetic result that our bodies create are an important part of life. Summer is another trigger for women to get a lean body. Who wants to be the one seaside or at the pool that will show a belly “toned” by extra fat. Appropriately the warmer temperature seasons view a surge of girls searching for workouts which form and sculpt their body.

Exercising offers the benefit of providing weight loss...

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Healthy benefits of dancing

Article by: Rose Marlo

Dancing is a unique form of exercise that builds our muscles, keeps us fit and tones our body. Dancing brings a different joy to life. It removes stress and makes us feel happy from inside. Shaking the body to different forms of music gives a feeling of freshness and comfort. Dancing does not necessarily require learning the art; we can just move our body the way we like. Apart from many other benefits this form of physical exercise also regulates our body weight.

To actually understand the benefits of dancing let us discuss the various dance forms and check how helpful they can be to our body and soul.

Let us start with the Indian dance forms like kathak, bharatnatyam, Manipuri, these Indian classical dances are rigorous and involve the movement of all body parts t...

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Allergy Symptoms and Allergy Triggers

Article by: JC C alhoun

It is estimated that nearly 20% of adults suffer with allergies and that makes for a heck of a lot of baby boomers. For me, it has already arrived this season with a vengeance. Unfortunately, seasonal allergies can make the spring unpleasant and the fall absolutely miserable. Seasonal allergies can actually impact your ability to function. I remember a summer vacation trip where my car air conditioning broke down and for 5 hours I sneezed 250 times. Ok, maybe it wasn’t exactly 250 times, but it sure felt like it as I swerved down the highway, tears streaming down my face and my head jerking backwards causing some pretty severe whiplash. I kept thinking that if I could just stop breathing that I’d be alright...

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Young Women and Addiction

Article by: Casey Markham

Physical dependence and addiction is a serious health threat to any person who abuses drugs, but these threats are often more serious for young women than they are for other groups of people. In fact, in his book Women and Addiction in the United States, Dr. Stephen R. Kandall states that: “the use of drugs by women is due in large part to the stresses they face in society, such as minority status; reduced economic, social, and political expectations; and disproportionate suffering though physical and sexual abuse. For other, more advantaged women, hidden drug abuse may stem from manipulation by the advertising industry, inappropriate medication by physicians, or an attempt to cope with societal barriers to their own self-fulfillment...

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How To Lose Ten Pounds

Article by: Todd Allen

There are a lot of people who are looking for effective ways for them to lose weight in as little time possible. True enough; the demand is so great that companies are constantly releasing weight loss programs, diets, exercise machines, supplements, just about anything that can make you lose weight. The problem with this is you need to shell out a huge sum of money just to lose a few pounds in a few weeks.

There are a lot of ways where you can lose 10 lbs without spending too much money on some diet or exercise program that won’t really be as effective as you expect them to be. Most of these programs are really difficult to follow and do not suit your lifestyle. Here are some tips that you can follow to help you lose 10 pounds safely and effectively.

The most unavoi...

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Meditation for Beginners

Article by:Bobby Bushnelison

To help you in your journey in meditation it is important to have a regular place to go to for your meditation. I have found through the years that having a routine is helpful. Our bodies, soul and mind seem to respond to this, knowing that it’s time to relax, be peaceful, to meditate. So find a place in your home that is comfortable, relaxing and say “this is my place to meditate”. It can be anywhere, you bed, a couch, a corner, a chair. Also, put up a sign if you have the possibility of being disrupted. You want people to respect your need to be alone, comfortable and have a quiet place to meditate...

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Fibromyalgia – Knowing, Recognizing and treating it

Article by: Francesca Tessarollo

Fibromyalgia is not very well-known, it is sometimes difficult to recognize, but it has peculiar symptoms, and there are continuous studies aimed at treating it.

Fibromyalgia, also known as fibromyalgia syndrome or Atlantis syndrome, is an insidious disease, as it is not easy to diagnose it, and it can be treated by means of both pharmacological and natural treatments.

The term fibromyalgia was created in 1976 from the combination of the Greek terms “myo” (muscle) and “algos” (pain). The prefix “fibro” stands for fibrous tissues, such as tendons and ligaments...

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