Know The Difference Between Traditional Sinus Surgery Vs. Balloon Sinuplasty

By: Antonio S. Cousin

Today it can be seen that many people suffer from sinusitis. Sometimes it may not get cured with some antibiotics or home remedies and surgery may become inevitable. There are two types of surgeries – traditional surgery and balloon Sinuplasty. We firstly need to understand the difference between two.

Traditional Surgery

There are four areas of sinuses and any one of them can get affected by chronic sinusitis. Traditional sinus surgery involves the removing of bones or tissue involved in the blockage of sinus cavities preventing them from draining neatly. An ENT specialist gives the local anesthesia and uses an endoscope with visual effects so that he or she can see the sinus cavity closely. He or she also makes use of tube like another instrument so that the cavity can be seen. Small tissues or bones in sinuses are taken out and the blockage is released. The process will take one to three hours and you can be discharged on the same day. The doctors will also instruct you how to look after the sinus after surgery. The doctor will also give you medicines and other medication.

Balloon Sinuplasty

Balloon Sinuplasty is a kind of endoscopic surgery. In this surgery, a balloon is inserted into the swollen cavity. The balloon effects the sinus tissues. A catheter is inside to reduce the pressure. The main difference between Balloon Sinuplasty and traditional sinus surgery is that no tissues or bones are replaced. Bleeding will be less and recovery period is shorter, say 24-48 hours. Doctors give some medicines with this process to help in lessening the infection.

If you are going through chronic sinusitis and want to go for surgery you have to consult a good ENT specialist in your area. You need to understand the basic difference between the two and learn which might be most suitable for you.

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